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Experts pointed out: the premise that the thermal insulation material, security

Experts believe that the organic insulation materials insulation materials throughout a large proportion, good insulation properties, product market competition has obvious advantages, coupled with its convenient construction, making it in the field of building insulation remain dominant position.

External wall insulation materials suffered unprecedented attention to improve. State Council, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Housing have issued their files. A product of several departments and even the State Department has been highly valued in this product category in the building materials, is still rare. External wall insulation cause of common concern, there are causal factors, but more is inevitable. On April 6 by the China Real Estate News, Chinese real estate procurement alliance co-sponsored the "2012 China Real Estate Engineering Procurement & fire wall insulation application seminars and purchasing special" event, China Building Materials Enterprise Management General Zhang Yuxiang said future insulation product development direction and policies, should ensure stable performance insulation, fire safety of the premise, as far as possible to meet the actual situation of China’s construction.

According to experts, insulation material as a functional building accessory products, prior to the reform and opening up, and only a small amount of perlite, slag surface used in building insulation, the insulation material is the real development of reform and opening up. After 2000, as China’s building energy efficiency requirements for continuous improvement, construction began at the design stage using insulation materials, which greatly promoted the development of exterior insulation materials. Subsequently, some of the insulation wall insulation has introduced stringent standards required to promote the insulation material, especially the development of organic materials, polystyrene, polyurethane annual growth rate in more than 10%.
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