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Polyurethane foam construction considerations

Polyurethane foam construction notes:
1, remove the substrate surface dirt, grease, and be filled with a little water spray wet parts
2, at 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ temperature range of construction used, if the construction of the cold season, in order to ensure the results, we recommend that the tank be placed 30 ℃ warm environment
3, before the construction of more than one minute shake up and down, the construction of the tank remains inverted state set
4, each tank construction is completed, please use the special cleaning agent Glue Gun threaded portion, each successive construction is completed, please use the special cleaning agent entire plastic barrel, in order to avoid blockage cure
5, repair and cutting in the fully cured after forming the foam, it is worth noting that cut the foam bubbles will reduce strength of the skin and reduce the effect of the foam waterproof seal
6, polyurethane foam UV impatience, recommended further covering and painting
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