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Polyurethane construction engineering processes

Polyurethane construction engineering processes
I. Project Overview:
According to the actual situation of the project brief, mainly based on the construction drawings presentation content.
Second, the external wall insulation construction Deployment:
1, the establishment of external wall insulation works project manager, project manager for the project designated person in charge is responsible for the construction and engineering and construction units, supervision units, total package units coordination.
2, the project manager component members: Technical Leader: project managers, technicians, construction workers, security staff, quality inspector, materials, staff, construction team leader, warehouse manager
3, the labor organization: transport of materials, measuring elastic line, stirring, paste board, cutting, plastering, surface coating, gluing
4, wall insulation engineering preparation:
A, construction and technical management personnel familiar with the construction drawings must be carefully and timely inspect the site and drawings to change the situation.
B, the construction team for technical and safety disclosure.
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