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Future direction of dry mortar

Dry mortar future direction focused on the following points:
1, in order to take advantage of industrial waste and local materials as the main raw material dry mortar variety. Such as fly ash, slag, waste powder, oil refining waste, bentonite, etc., not only reduces the cost of mortar, mortar to improve performance and help protect the environment and conserve resources.
2, the development of new varieties. Only the development of varieties to meet market needs mortar to make unrestricted use. With dedicated mortar, special mortar emergence not only led the development of dry mortar, but also to promote the development of other industries to create the conditions.
3, to develop their own production processes. The current domestic production of dry mortar technology is not mature, a lot of the production lines are imported from abroad, a production line is generally 2000 to 30 million yuan, the price is expensive. And only developed in line with national conditions of the production process, in order to comprehensively promote the development of the industry to create conditions for dry mortar.
4, in harmony with the wall material. Countries have been committed to promoting the use of new wall materials, so the development of the current materials used in the main block matching special mortar is a must.
According to the information that the original mortar of new wall materials in the process of using centralized manifested problems are: poor performance mortar construction, masonry block in the process of absorbing too much water loss during drying caused by the secondary block led wall shrinkage cracking; mortar masonry is not full, voids and other issues. Mortar bond strength after drying and curing of new wall materials in the cross-sectional size and Clay due to the emergence of different adhesion shortage, resulting in deformation of the wall under the influence of stress cracking.
Dry mortar in China is still a new thing, there is much work to be done, not only technically, there are reasons for thinking that people bondage. To develop smoothly, dry mortar equipment also need to state policy and economic give great support and help. Both aspects must work together in order to promote the healthy development of dry mortar.
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