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Analysis of cement raw materials and performance characteristics of polystyrene board

Cement polystyrene board with polystyrene particles and cement admixture according to a certain ratio of mixing molding, drying, cut, which is called also called cement board cement polystyrene particles of polystyrene block, because of its light weight, noise, sound absorption, thermal insulation, fireproofing of B1, can be used in the roof, floors, walls and other places have special requirements.

(A) the main raw material
1, LWA: granular polystyrene foam, polystyrene foam waste production lines and recycling waste packaging is made by crushing, loose bulk density 9.5 ~ 18kg/m3, diameter 5 ~ 1.5mm.
2, Cement: ordinary portland cement.
3, EC foaming agents: get rich bubble cement paste, reduce sheet density.
4, other include: foam stabilizers, binders, etc.
(Two) cement polystyrene insulation board with other physical and mechanical properties
(1) toughness and flexural strength
Lightweight cement products in the transportation, installation breakage rate is high, while the cement polystyrene insulation board toughness.
Main foam particles itself has high toughness, a large part of which bears the tensile stress. Also foam cement slurry containing adsorbed on the bubble Su granule around the holes around the interface structure has been improved, so that products caused by force cracking process was postponed. So cement polystyrene panels can withstand a certain degree of flexural deformation, brittle low.
Cement polystyrene insulation board bending strength test is performed with specification of 900 × 600 × 50mm finished board shown in Figure 1 by the loading means.

(2) frost resistance
Cement polystyrene insulation board specimens after 25 freeze-thaw cycle test of strength loss was 10.3%, in line with not more than 15% of the design requirements. Its mechanism and aerated concrete antifreeze similar, because the foam cement contains many separate closed bubbles not only cut off part of the capillary channel, and in the water freezing process plays pressure buffering effect, so although the mechanical strength of this material is not high, but the frost resistance is better.
(3) Water resistance
Styrofoam granule is not absorbent material. It is in the products accounted for about 70% of the volume. Thus greatly reducing the water absorption of cement polystyrene board, and since the cement as a cementing material. Therefore good water resistance. Softening coefficient is higher.
(4) Fire Performance
Flame gun respectively 1200 × 600 × 50mm and 900 × 600 × 90mm two specifications cement polystyrene insulation board combustion tests. Gun away from the mouth plate surface 200mm. Flame temperature of 1150 ± 10 ℃, during the test sheet does not spread. And the insulation effect very well. Testing by the state fire department, cement polystyrene insulation board combustion grade B1 level. A flame retardant material, the flame is shown in Figure 2 corresponds to the back plate temperature measurement points recorded.
(5) Thermal Performance
With 5cm thick polystyrene insulation board and 24cm cement brick complex, doing exterior insulation, the measured thermal resistance of composite wall 0.72m2 · k / w can reach 62cm thick brick wall insulation effect.
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