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Annual production of 50 million tunnel kiln works
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Dongfang Machinery 3M-9.6M tunnel kiln construction planning and design, construction, commissioning, training, system services. New technology uses ceramic fiber ceiling module, with light, energy saving, high temperature, low energy consumption and other characteristics; energy consumption within the contingent card number 280-320cal/kg, an insulating bricks efficiency of 20% -30%, an insulating brick 90% lighter load. Ceramic fiber modules greatly reduce steel load, significantly extend the service life of the kiln. For one hundred million annual output of 50 million new wall materials -1.2 automated production lines.
Company provides construction services: from feasibility reports, materials testing, test fired brick, kiln design and kiln construction contractors, equipment design, installation and commissioning, technical training, service and other comprehensive engineering services for customers to get a one-stop successful, simple and convenient.
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