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Before-sale Service:
According to the needs of the customers, the sustainable development of our society and the promotion of new wall material in China, East Machinery set proper before-sale service:
Offering design plans
Offering 24-hour technical counseling service
Introducing the applications of products performance
Technical advisers direct the projects of constructing plants and technical problems of auxiliary equipment on the spot.
In-sale Service:
According to the production line selected by customers, the company will instruct the central engineers and technicians , train the installation technicians of workshops on the spot, so that the trainees will grasp the operating performance of the machines faster.
The technicians direct the installation and debugging on the spot.
Controlling the quality and systems
Helping arrange the equipment and machinery regular maintenance.
Setting the quality control and regulations of production management
Guiding the customers into the business frontier and profiting from them.
After-sale Service:
East Machinery has set up the original customers’ archives.
Settling the customers’ relevant problems as soon as possible.
Understanding the in-using situation and data
Offering the auxiliary and easy-damaged spare parts as soon as possible.
Accepting 24-hour technical counseling service.
Paying regular visits by telephone or in person.
Working on improving service and work efficiency.
Extended Service:
East Machinery has been working on promoting the new technology and new materials, and share the research findings and market resources with its customers.
Helping the customers upgrade their equipment.
Extending the scope and depth of service and satisfying the customers.
Changing the inherent ideas and fostering a good company image.
Inquiring about the long market conditions and serving all the same industries.

Consideration and dedication, Efficiency and low consumption; Aim at perfection, For client’s satisfaction.

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