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Trade Fair
     On July 18, 2016,customers from India, Sandy, Sudharshan and their translator made a special trip to visit our company and factory. Our Chairman and relevant persons in sales department have warm-welcomed the arrival of the customers..First, we guide customers to visit our company’s imitation production line,company office and scale of the producti...
     In selecting theme selection exhibition products around pavilion “336”,”Double Creat”,People of XianYou Country selected industrial robots of Fujian Oriental Machinery Co.,Ltd,Pottery and porcelain products of Xian You ZhiSheng Mining Co.,Ltd, Pipa Gao from professional cooperatives having four seasons real vegetables, wing chong guest room an...
     Participate in Hefei Dongfang Machinery Mechanical Exhibition We adopt international lead-edge technology as our core technology, and we have lead advantage in the self development field of China East Machinery. JKY90/85, the combined 6-column, vacuum-pushed machine, has fill in the blank of the multi-column in China. The self-developed setting mac...
     Dongfang Machinery participate in Nanchang, Jiangxi machinery exhibition, during which Chinese brick Fujian Dongfang Machinery Association, visit the exhibition site in Nanchang, Jiangxi, personal guidance. Warm atmosphere. The following is a wonderful venue silhouette. ...
     China Dongfang Machinery brick Association visit the exhibition site in Nanning, Guangxi, personal guidance. Warm atmosphere. The following is the venue during the wonderful silhouette: ...
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