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Participate in Hefei Dongfang Machinery Mechanical Exhibition

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Participate in Hefei Dongfang Machinery Mechanical Exhibition
We adopt international lead-edge technology as our core technology, and we have lead advantage in the self development field of China East Machinery. JKY90/85, the combined 6-column, vacuum-pushed machine, has fill in the blank of the multi-column in China. The self-developed setting machine, with high speed, multiple function and international lead-edge technology, can serve automatically fully; its system is efficient and stable. It can be used in any fracturing tunnel kiln from 3.3 to 9.2 meter. The equipment and technology like robot setting machine, automatic setting system have been mature and stable, and they have been widely used all over the world. The automatic production line equipment for the new wall material, which has a yearly capacity of 50 million to 130 million standard bricks, takes XianYou East Machinery Co., ltd to a whole new front level, and leads the industry to a new development.

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