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Fujian New Oriental Machinery attended 14th China Channel project 6.18 results fair

Views:523  Time:2016-7-1 15:39:54

In selecting theme selection exhibition products around pavilion “336”,”Double Creat”,People of XianYou Country selected industrial robots of Fujian Oriental Machinery Co.,Ltd,Pottery and porcelain products of Xian You ZhiSheng Mining Co.,Ltd, Pipa Gao from professional cooperatives having four seasons real vegetables, wing chong guest room and red chair furniture products of Fujian group of fairy annatto culture Co.,Ltd to attend the exhibition.


Various media out of city have 6.18 special report on Oriental Machinery Co.,Ltd industrial robot brick production. With the automatic improvement of cutting,yarding and transiting system of Oriental Machinery’s mechanical robots,it improves production efficiency and labor cost of full servo motor control. It is flexible,stable,precision positioning and low attrition rate.Our country has also organize experts,professors in total 28 to attend 6.18 exchange and cooperation.By communicating and publicity to expand the influence on 6.18 fair.

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