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Robot-arm Stacking Machine
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Product Description

Robot-arm stacking system includes robot, servo motor system, stacking system, conveyor system, turning system, storing system, marshalling system, power distribution system and pneumoelectric system and so on. It is suitable for stacking big block brick, rectangular brick and perforated hollow bricks. It is workable for double-column or multi-column square or rectangular stacking method.

Operating Principle of Conveyor System: It contains two parts. When the green bricks have flaws, the second conveyor is uprising to make the first part of conveyor send them back for recycling.


Operating Principle of Turning System: When the green bricks are sent to turning system from storing system at fixed distance and time intervals, they are turned as holes upalong (Green bricks can be stacked up when there are double columns.). Then those green bricks will be sent to next equipment.


Product Advantages

High automation, improved productivity, lower labor cost

Servo control system, flexible and stable, accurate positioning

low energy consumption, easy operation, low failure.

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